Vista House

Vista House is one of those places of becoming for me...I continue to see the ways that the witness of Vista House hospitality shapes my life and values. More than that, I see Vista House shaping a community of people who carry its ethic out into the world. That is a good thing.
— David Wantland

Founded in 2003, Vista House is a hospitality home where all people are welcome to participate in a community dedicated to thoughtfully exploring the Christian faith through conversation and community. Regardless of where they are in their faith journey, you are welcomed into our home to bake some 🍪 🍪 🍪, study in our library, or read in the hammock in the backyard. Vista House is a safe space of open and honest inquiry, and we do not adhere to a specific Christian denomination or position. We are a place for all people to come and express doubts, questions, or moments of joy they have experienced.

Living in community and truly opening up to others means exposing the most fragile aspects of your being. That exposure can be terrifying and at times, damaging, but I do believe that the breakdown ultimately leaves you stronger, that we tear down the weak walls around our beliefs and build up more steady structures in their place. It is a painful process...but what you gain is more valuable in the end.
— Allison Jarrett

In addition to a space to be utilized by all students and Greenville community members, Vista House is home to an intentional Christian community each academic school year. Read more about it here!

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In the summer, this community is transformed into the Servant Scholars program. Click here for more information about this exciting endeavor!