Servant Scholars Summer 2019

June 6th - August 9th


The Servant Scholars program was created in 2009 as a response to the desire to more deeply serve the Greenville community. Each summer, up to 10 students live together in Vista House while interning at poverty-alleviating organizations in the upcountry of South Carolina. Because this work can be challenging, the added support of living with other people who are serving in similar ways creates a deeply empathetic environment, as well as encourages thoughtful conversation about the plethora of problems that plague our society.

In addition to both serving in an internship capacity and living in intentional Christian community, this program also contains an academic component. Students are required to read portions of a book every week, as well as to write a journal entry that synthesizes their experiences at their internships, in the Vista House community, and the wisdom of the author of the week. On Wednesday nights, a guest is invited to come and eat dinner with the Servant Scholars and discuss the intersection of service, religion and academia. These honored guests will be non-profit directors, religious leaders, or University professors.

INTERESTED for Summer 2020? Applying for Furman students is a two-step process:

  1. First, apply for Furman Advantage funding by March 1st, 2020. (This is highly encouraged, but not required to be considered for Servant Scholars.)

  2. Secondly, complete the application for Mere Christianity Forum for the Servant Scholars Program and submit by March 30th, 2020.

Whether someone is successful or not in receiving the Furman Advantage grant, the Servant Scholars summer program includes:

  • Free housing at Vista House

  • $1000 meal stipend 

  • Books

  • Retreats 

  • Community Days

  • Weekly community meals

Previous Nonprofit Placement Options

United Ministries


Greenville Literacy Association

Upstate Forever

North Greenville Food Crisis Ministry

Project Host

Triune Mercy Center

Safe Harbor

Mill Community Ministries

Just Kids

St. Francis Bon Secours

Soteria CDC

Frazee Center

A Child's Haven

GOAT: Great Outdoor Adventure Trips

AID Upstate

Foothills Family Resource Center

Miracle Hill/Greenville Rescue Mission

Greenville Free Medical Clinic

South Carolina Legal Service

Greenville County First Steps

Christ Church Missions Team

2019 Servant Scholars

Zachary Hughes is a rising senior from St. Louis, Missouri, studying English. This summer, Zach is working as a crew leader at Mill Village Farms, meaning he serves as a supervisor to seven high school age students who are employed by the farm to produce healthy food and learn job and life skills along the way. In his free time, Zach enjoys pursuing love and adventure and God. He’s grateful to be alive, grateful to love and be loved, to dance in the kitchen, splash in puddles, and sound wild yaps over the rooftops of the world.

Neiya Carter is a rising senior from Bridgeton, New Jersey.  She is an English (Creative Writing track) major and in her spare time enjoys writing and watching sports. This summer Neiya is interning at Soteria Community Development Corporation, which advocates for economic and social justice for those and their families impacted by the criminal justice system. She loves to cook, going to rave parties, and hanging with friends.

Chambers English is a graduated senior from Macon, GA. He majored in Earth and Environmental Science and Philosophy. This summer he is interning with Upstate Forever’s Land Conservation Group, where he is working to prioritize the conservation of the most ecologically valuable and resilient habitats in the upstate from development. In his spare time, Chambers enjoys gardening in the Vista House garden, woodworking, making chicken coops and having fun with friends.

Natalie Anderson is a graduated senior from Marietta, GA. She majored in psychology. This summer she is interning with the Greenlink ADA Assessment Fellowship and the Shi Center for Sustainability, where she is working to gather data at bus stops throughout Greenville County in an effort to make them ADA compliant. She loves hanging with friends, talking to different kinds of people, and being around animals, especially horses.

Nate Bilodeau is a rising senior, majoring in philosophy. This summer he is interning with Natalie for the Greenlink ADA Assessment Fellowship and the Shi Center for Sustainability, where she is working to gather data at bus stops throughout Greenville County in an effort to make them ADA compliant.

Hodges Gravely is a rising senior from Richmond, VA. His Servant Scholars placement is working at Pridelink, where is is developing a new program to address LGBTQ through a national model of host homes. When he has downtime he enjoys reading, being outside, and going to awesome dance parties.

Sky Brilliandt is a 2017 graduate of Furman, originally from Middlebury, Indiana. She is an Americorp member serving at Village Launch in West Greenville. Village Launch connects underesourced entrepreneur with needed resources to become financially stable. When she has downtime, she enjoys being outside and being with friends, and making her home beautiful.

Ben Wirzba is a rising senior major in philosophy and politics and international affairs from Hillsborough, NC . He is interning with Feed and Seed, working on issues of food access and security in the greater Greenville area. In his free time, he builds chicken coops with Chambers, writes, reads, play guitar, and bakes delicious bread.