Promoting the thoughtful exploration of Christian faith

through conversation and community.


The Mere Christianity Forum is a unique college ministry located at the crossroads of faith and reason. We operate in two primary forms: an intentional Christian community, located in our community home called Vista House, and a religious organization on Furman University's campus. By integrating faith, reason, and tomfoolery, we seek to live a Christian life through the spiritual practices of asking questions, extending hospitality, and embracing tomfoolery.

MCF was honored to be the 2018 reciepent of SDC's Diversity & Inclusion award for our commitment to diversity and inclusion as shown through our programming and initiatives, which foster respect and understanding of diverse backgrounds and points of view on Furman's campus. 


Summer 2018

The 2018 Senior Celebration, Servant Scholars and Tri the Swamp Rabbit Triathlon programs were a great success! We've had so much fun working together, living together, and sharing life experiences.

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What is Mere Christianity Forum? What does it mean to live in an intentional Christian community? Find out all these answers and more!