Join our friend Tom Foolery and become part of this organization! Here are some ways to get involved:

Apply to be part of the Servant Scholars program or to live in Vista House for the 2019-2020 school year!

Check out all the cool stuff we've been up to this year and what it's like to be a student involved in Mere Christianity Forum here!

join us for our next event!

Are you a Furman student? Email Rimes McElveen to be put on our student email list.

Join a Followship Group! These small groups are a place to find a smaller intentional community within the larger Vista House community. Each followship group consists of 5-10 students, and is led by a Mere Christianity Forum director. While the format of each group differs, the aim is always the same: to create a safe space to ask hard questions of doubt, faith and morality, and grounding this supportive space in a web of meaningful relationships. Learning about Christ together allows students to engage in important conversations comfortably, and to recognize that they are never alone in this Christian journey. Email Rimes McElveen for more information.

Like us on our social media pages.

Send us a smoke signal. Or email our directors, Rimes McElveen. Or leave us a message on the Vista House phone, 864-834-2228. Funny accents encouraged.

Come to one of our Forum Events or attend an Event at the Vista House.

Participate in one of our fundraising events!

You can also drop by Vista House anytime and say hello to the community living there. Here are directions to the house, easily accessible from Furman University by foot, bike, car, or horse and carriage. No ships, trains, or planes, please. If you choose to take your helicopter, land in the backyard carefully and away from the horses.