Theological Forums

What is the Forum?

In the attempt to encourage the integration of faith and learning, the Forum was created as a means by which students could ruminate on and initiate discussions about faith through the lens of academia. Although the Forum has taken on many different shapes throughout the history of the Mere Christianity Forum, the goal of these activities has always been the same: promoting conversation about urgent philosophical, political and social issues relevant to our communities, and grounding these conversations in the Christian faith. To achieve this goal of productive and life-giving conversations based in both critical thinking and Christianity, we utilize this space as an intersection between the lives of students, faculty and staff at Furman University and beyond. By inviting speakers to present their work and lead discussions about many diverse theological topics, the Forum allows all people interested in thoughtfully exploring the Christian faith to come together and learn from one another.

We hope you'll come join us for our next Forum Event! Check out the events page to see when our next Forum will be.