Vista House Events

$4 Dinners

Mere Christianity Forum regulars bring slightly eccentric kitchen concoctions to the table each week. For food that hits somewhere between gourmet soul and glorified comfort, drop in Sundays at 6:30pm!

Every week a different student or person from the community prepares a meal for approximately thirty $4 dinner attendees. Generally the meals are made with organic food and are delightfully unique. You are guaranteed a new culinary experience every Sunday night. Dinner is served buffet style and people scatter throughout the house and the grounds to enjoy their meal and good company. It is a time when students can enjoy a home-cooked meal and get a break from campus life.

If you are interested in sharing your culinary talents by cooking at a $4 dinner please contact Rimes McElveen or Leslie Lang.

TR Town Limits

In the spirit of Tomfoolery, the Vista House community hosts an event filled with music, food and fun each year in the fall. We use this time to celebrate the Upstate's beautifully changing scenery, experience the diverse sounds of local bands and Furman musicians, and most importantly, provide a place for students, Furman faculty members, and people in the larger community of Greenville to come together and celebrate the season with some dancing and a delicious meal. This year, we enjoyed the sounds of The Muchmores, and had a great time taking pictures at the photo booth, painting pumpkins, and petting our equine friends. Check out the cool pictures from this event, and mark your calendars for our next big Vista House adventure!



We host brunches for Furman University students throughout the year to celebrate various events on campus. Our annual brunches include a Family Weekend brunch and Homecoming brunch. The Family Weekend brunch is a time where the families of students involved in Mere Christianity Forum can come and see Vista House, as well as learn more about this organization, and of course, eat some delicious and home-cooked food. Our Homecoming brunch is grounded in a time of celebration, as we welcome MCF alumni and joyfully learn about all the wonderful adventures they are enjoying after their time in college.


We also offer biannual Study Day brunches, occuring at the end of each semester. Our Study Day brunches allow some stressed out students to forget the trials of college finals, if only for a couple hours, and find respite in a quiet home and delicious meal. For the 2015-2016 academic school year, our study day brunches will be held on December 9 and April 27. Come join us for great food and a rare time of relaxing conversation during the busiest weeks of the year!